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How does NEINICE work?

The PCM’s (phase change materials) in NEINICE cause water molecules to expand in cold weather and prevent the formation of ice as the water simply slides off the coated surface.

How is NEINICE applied?

NEINICE can be applied by rolling or spraying the surface. Please see our short video explaining surface preparation, mixing, and applying the coating.

Is NEINICE harmful to the environment?

NEINICE is an environmentally safe coating engineered as a 100% solids system with virtually no VOC’s. It is resistant to UV rays as well as water, corrosion, abrasion, and biological threats, such as insects or birds.

Is NEINICE clear?

NEINICE is transparent and allows colors from the existing painted surface to show through.

Does NEINICE add weight to the coated surface area?

NEINICE coats in a thin layer of less than 25 microns and its thickness is less than 4 mils.

Can I apply NEINICE year-round?

NEINICE is designed to be applied in temperatures above 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Centigrade.

How does NEINICE respond to electrical storms?

NEINICE is a NON-CONDUCTIVE coating that helps to protect blades during these events.

How is NEINICE sold?

By the Gallon

A gallon of NEINICE will cover approximately 800-1000 square feet of surface area. This may vary depending on environmental conditions and the application method.