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From Ice Removal To Ice Mitigation

A Bold Solution To Blade Icing

NEINICE leverages cutting edge coating technology to prevent the formation of ice on substrates.

With a focus on ice mitigation, rather than removal, Phazebreak is revolutionizing the toolset available to wind turbine operators.

By preventing auto shutdowns and shortening recovery periods, NEINICE can help operators rest easy knowing that their turbines can weather the weather, whatever the weather.

A NEINICE coated wind turbine blade with no ice buildupAn uncoated turbine nacelle surface with heavy rime ice
Graph from Minnesota icing event comparing NEINICE coated turbine performance to uncoated performance

Proven Technology

With real world data and consistent testing behind the scenes, NEINICE is a proven solution to ice-related shutdowns.

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Less Down Time More Revenue

By defending turbines from ice, operators can increase power production during the worst of winter storms, and increase wind farm revenue.

Want to see the potential earnings your turbines could make with NEINICE?

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The "Revenue Calculator" which demonstrates the increase in revenue achieved by use of NEINICE during winter storms
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Cost Efficient

NEINICE icephobic coating is less costly than current ice removal and prevention methods.

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Long Lasting

Proven to provide protection from ice build-up on wind turbine blades for up to 4 years.

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Low Maintenance

Once NEINICE has been applied, it will perform for the duration of its 3-4 year lifecycle with no need for intervention.

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Environmentally Safe

Engineered as a 98% solid system with no solvents, and <1% VOCs.

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